Pooper Scoopers specializes in the removal of dog waste from both residential and commercial locations.
What that means is that we come to your house or place of business once, twice, or however
many times a week you would like and scoop the poop from the property. We then take the poop
away with us. You don't even have to be present for the cleanup! Pooper Scoopers
always leaves a tag on the doorknob to let you know your yard has been scooped.

Along with that, Pooper Scoopers also caters to your other pet's needs on a client to client basis.
If you have a pet, let us know. Wether it's cleaning a cage, exchanging your dirty litter box for
a clean one, or even cleaning up after a horse...Pooper Scoopers will get the job done!

Oh, and we'll pick up any loose trash we see around the yard too, As long as it doesn't get too extreme :)

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